NEWS 2022-05-13

Southport - 【參展花絮】2022 TouchTaiwan系列展

【參展花絮】2022 TouchTaiwan系列展

2022 TouchTaiwan展已於4/29圓滿落幕! 南方此次展出MicroLED巨量PL檢測及巨..

NEWS 2022-05-04

Southport - 【EMBA雜誌專訪】用數位光學幫材料做健檢


此次很榮幸受EMBA雜誌團隊專訪有關數位光學的議題! 「傳統光學幫材料拍照,但數位光學能幫材料做健康檢..

Exhibition 2022-04-19

Southport - 【參展資訊】2022 Touch Taiwan系列展

【參展資訊】2022 Touch Taiwan系列展

2022 Touch Taiwan系列展將於下週登場!此次南方科技將與波色科技聯合展出! 南方科技相關..


Southport - JadeMat - Material Inspection System
JadeMat - Material Inspection System
Model: JadeMat

JadeMat is a high-speed advanced optical inspection system that combines spectrum and image in One. It solves the problem of not being able to obtain both the material ... More Detail

Southport - JadeBio - Biomedical Inspection System
JadeBio - Biomedical Inspection System
Model: JadeBio

JadeBio is a fluorescent confocal imaging system that combines real-time, high-speed, and high-resolution scanning. It meets the imaging needs of independent laboratori ... More Detail

Southport - JadeSurf - Micro Profiling System
JadeSurf - Micro Profiling System
Model: JadeSurf

JadeSurf is an inspection system that transmits light slices to a specific depth. It solves the problem of the interference of scattered light from the upper and lower ... More Detail

Southport - JadeDot - Digital Optical Microscopy System
JadeDot - Digital Optical Microscopy System
Model: JadeDot

The core element of digital optics is the spatial light modulator (SLM). With digital driving and the concept of programmable optical lens/beam array (FPLA), it provide ... More Detail

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【參展資訊】2022 Touch Taiwan系列展


時間:2022.04.27(三)2022.04.29(五)10:00~17:00 地點:台北南港展覽館1館4樓 南方科技與波色科技聯展攤位:L011 (智慧顯示主題館)

【參展資訊】2022 台灣物理年會


Time:2022.01.24(一)10:00~2022.01.26(三)17:40 Location:國立臺灣師範大學公館校區 Booth No:S4 (S棟外校區走道)


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