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產品簡介 (Introduction)


JadeMat is a Raman/PL/Imaging solution with an easy-to-use user interface. We develop a special Raman and PL measuring mode to prevent sample damage. Besides, in TRPL/FLIM acquisition, JadeMat is capable of acquiring high-resolution images.

產品特色 (Features)

  • 非破壞、高解析光學分析 (Non-destructive and high resolution)
  • 自行定義積分時間,不被現成檔位綁住 (Self-define pixel dwell time)
  • 自動化設計,在電腦上即可進行雷射切換 (Automatic switching between lasers)
  • 多通道設計,可以同時取得彩色影像 (Multi-channel design)
  • 可以與快速掃描之影像對照,做取得特定區域的光譜資訊  (Using referenced scan image to get localized spectrum)
  • 共軛焦系統可針對使用者需求改變收光解析度 (Changing the detection pinhole for choosing suitable resolution)
  • 可整合多款光譜儀,使用者可依照現有的光譜儀整合升級 (Work with most kind of spectrometers: Ocean, Andor, JY...etc)
  • 快速光譜儀Mapping整合,光譜傳輸時間快至1ms (Fast mapping mechanism, spectrometer data transfer time as low as 1ms)
  • 表面型貌量測 (Surface and 3D profiler)
  • 絕對定位Z軸 (Closed loop motorized Z-axis)

產品應用 (Applications)

材料(Material Science)、太陽能(Solar)、食品(Food)等應用領域。

Big 1Small 4Laser Spot

JadeMat均搭配一組Wide Field模組,用以先觀測待測樣品。

JadeMat is combined with wide field module to monitor sample with white-light microscope.


1 Zoom InBr3 50x 2 Zoom 4x.tif with bar Processed 2Bio Image


Imaging all samples with sub-micron resolution. Pixel dwell time can be tuned by specifying a number in ms.




Easily combine with Raman and PL measurements.




Combine spectrometers JadeMat can perform the high-speed spectral mapping with data transfer time down to 1ms.




With TCSPC(Time-Correlate Single Photon Counting) system, we have TRPL(Time-Resolved PhotoLuminenscence) and FLIM(Fluorescent Lifetime Imaging Microscope)


FLIM Compare

由其螢光生命週期顯微鏡,可以用高解析的方式,同時擷取時間平均小於 1 min。

Performing FLIM with loss-less acquisition method and with a high-speed acquisition(avg. 1 image/min).


3D Hole


With the reflective module, a 3D profile is also available.


規格 (Specification)


Model JadeMat    
Frame Rate 1 fps (512x512 pixel)

XY Resolution (Beam Spot)

Fulfill diffraction limit (Typically < 0.5 um with high NA objectives)
Objective Lens 5 X, 10 X, 20 X, 50 X, 100 X...etc. (User defined)
Scanning Zoom In 1X (Full range) to 20 X
Field of View 600 um to 10 um
Detector Analog or Digital PMT (Optional)
Scanning Method

0-D point scan (Spectrum acquisition)

1-D line scan

2-D frame scan (XY)

3-D scan (XYZ, XYT, XYλ)

4-D scan XYZT

5-D scan XYZλT

Input Channel Up to 4 channel input
Signal Acquisition

Digital Acquisition, 250MHz high-Speed Counter (Optional)

Sync Signal

Line start trigger (FLIM)

Line stop trigger (FLIM)

Frame trigger (FLIM)

Customized trigger signal

Software Jade Mat
Image Reader / Analyzer Jade Reader



配件 (Accessories)

光譜升級系統 (Spectrometer)

XY自動控制電控平台 (XY Motorized Stage)