JadeSurf Micro Profiling System (JadeSurf形貌檢測系統)


未來將針對產業上的發展趨勢,對於大面積檢測速度的要求,提出高速的混合共聚焦(Hybrid Confocal)的解決方案,讓技術能再下個世代也持續替相關業界痛點做出貢獻。

JadeSurf is an inspection system that transmits light slices to a specific depth. It solves the problem of the interference of scattered light from the upper and lower layers of the current white light AOI and provides a three-dimensional high-speed measurement solution. A non-destructive approach without pre-treatment directly depicts the three-dimensional appearance and roughness of the surface micro-area, which can be compared to optical AFM. At the same time, the detection of the intermediate layer of transparent materials overcomes the limitation of traditional optics. By directly capturing high-resolution images, various flaws and defects can be observed.

In the future, in response to the development trend of the industry and the requirement on the speed for large-area inspection, a high-speed hybrid confocal solution will be proposed, so that the next generation of technology will continue to contribute to solving the pains of related industries.

     3D Microscopy(3D顯微)


Through the z-axis stacking scan equipped on JadeSurf, the microwires on the wafer surface (the linewidth is only 1 micron) are observed and verified to be normal and free of collapse. It is confirmed that there is no significant difference between the numerical accuracy measured by JadeSurf and the SEM results.

                                                   晶元上導線      晶元上導線 崩塌


                                  晶元上導線 切片




Micro Holes and Microstructures (微小孔洞及細微結構)

在高密度的電路板上, JadeSurf也可以清楚看到傳統白光看不清楚的底孔,並且量測其三維的型貌,鑑定上孔徑、下孔徑、孔深及錐度。雷射加工的細微火山口結構,JadeSurf的切面結果也與SEM結果一致。

On high-density circuit boards, JadeSurf can also clearly see the bottom of blind holes that cannot be seen clearly by traditional white light systems. JadeSurf can further measure three-dimensional shape, identify the upper aperture, lower aperture, hole depth, and taper. For the fine crater structure processed by laser, the section results obtained are also consistent with the SEM results.



微小孔洞 3維重建

      火山口 光學切面     火山口 SEM




      Transparent Materials (透明材料)


Because white light systems cannot focus clearly the most difficult thing for transparent materials to observe is the defects on their surface and the interlayer at a certain depth. Jadesurf can overcome this problem, even the scratches hidden in the glass can be directly detected for different depth layers.





Microchannel Biochip (微流道生物晶片)


The microchannel biochip needs to be designed with the correct width and depth to achieve the correct microchemical reaction. Using JadeSurf the vertical groove and bottom of the microchannel can be clearly depicted, so as to achieve non-destructive inspection of its channel width and depth.



     Photonic Crystal (光子晶體)


Transparent photonic crystals achieve their diffraction and interference effects through surface modification. The results of surface modification can be seen clearly by using JadeSurf to make sure whether their spacing, shape, and depth meet the expectations.




     Transparent Light Guide (透明導光板)


The transparent light guide can achieve uniform optical lighting characteristics through modification. If there are textures not expected, the optical characteristics and performance will be greatly degraded. Usually, other brands do too much processing on the image, so that the real defects can not be accurately presented. By the advantages of using JadeSurf the defects causing poor light guide efficiency can be clearly seen.


導光板 1      導光板 2                導光板 他牌

                                                     JadeSurf導光板三維影像                                                                   他牌之導光板三維影像