JadeDot-Digital Microscopy System (JadeDot數位光學顯微系統)


        The core element of digital optics is the spatial light modulator (SLM). With digital driving and the concept of programmable optical lens/beam array (FPLA), it provides unprecedented capabilities for optical superposition and parallel processing, which goes beyond the practice of analog-based optics. Light source and light field information can be modulated and manipulated through programmable control, which effectively simplifies the optical system architecture. At the same time, it increases the flexibility, speed, cost-saving, and multiplexing functions of the optical system, and greatly reduces the pains when designing and aligning the traditional optical system. Through the introduction of digital optics and tools, imaging systems in the field of biomedical optoelectronics will greatly be improved with higher image capture quality, efficiency, and image resolution.

     Super-resolution Microscopy (超解析顯微術)

數位光學技術於超解析顯微鏡(Super-Resolution Microscopy),打破傳統超解析顯微鏡的種種限制,如需要特殊染劑或者是大量計算等等缺點,直接對於照明光束進行演算法上的調控及修飾,突破物理繞射極限,產生更小的掃描光束半高寬,增加影像解析度。成為最便利且可以應用於各類場域的超解析顯微鏡。

Super-resolution microscopy (SRM) has been developed by employing the advantages of digital optics technology. It breaks the resolution limit of traditional super-resolution microscopes, which either need extra and special dying or computing power. The source of the illumination beam is modulated and re-formed arithmetically in a way to produce a smaller Full Width at Half Maximum (FWHM) of the scanning beam, which helps break the physical diffraction limit, and therefore increases the resolution of the image. Southport's SRM is the most convenient super-resolution microscope you are looking for.


超解析顯微術(Super Resolution Microscopy)

     Digital Light Field Microscope (數位光場顯微鏡)

另一個嶄新且突破性的應用為數位光場顯微鏡(Digital Light Field Microscope, DLFM),搭配數位光學的技術,可以在同一台顯微鏡下同時取得亮視野(Bright-field)、暗視野(Dark-field)、相位差(Phase Contrast)、干涉相位差(Differential Interference Contrast, DIC)等功能,無須再添購其他模組,一機多用的顯微影像擷取和分析功能並集合多種傳統成像模式於一機,降低了樣品送測移動時的不確定性。世界首創軟體定義的數位光場顯微鏡模組,全新光學混成技術,一張影像記錄所有特徵,創造一個人工智慧和光學顯微鏡技術接軌的可能性。

Another new and groundbreaking application is the Digital Light Field Microscope (DLFM). Taking advantage of digital optics, DLFM can conduct functions like Bright-field, Dark-field, Phase Contrast, Differential Interference Contrast (DIC)and more, at the same optical setup. There is no need for extra modules or setups to achieve. The multi-purpose microscopic image capturing and analysis of the DLFM performs multiple traditional imaging modes in one system, which keeps away from the uncertainties and efforts to identify the ROI when switching devices. DLFM is the world's first software-defined microscope module, a new optical and hybrid technology that records multiple image information in one image, which directly links AI imaging and may further feedback for the development of autonomous focusing for DLFM.



數位光場顯微鏡(Digital Light Field Microscope, DLFM)